Freelancer: Black Dawn, is a fan made Halo modification for the popular Space combat sim, Freelancer. It is a ambitious modification, that aims to produce a total-conversion to the halo verse. The modification also aims to improve on standard freelancer, by making massive systems and at least pseudo-realistic scale. The combat mechanics are also different from that of stock Freelancer, due to the nature of UNSC and Covenant craft. Both sides will eventually be player run factions. To increase the fun factor, the development team will be taking some creative license with the Haloverse to make combat at least somewhat balanced.

The modification is now in a alpha state, with the combat prototype being the current version. This combat prototype is meant mostly to work out the balance of the combat ships and as such has all ships and weapons of black dawn in it.

NOTE: THIS MOD IS NOW DEFUNCT. Much of the project development team has moved to another project, available at [1]