Freelancer:Black Dawn history of releasesEdit

A page displaying all the history of all releases of FL:BD in order of release.

  1. The very first versions of the mod. Not released to public and basically just used to see if everything worked and to fix bugs. Various versions. Dates unknown. Due to experimentation with the light source and ambient light in the one system this release comprised, everything was by default pitch black, making this release a literal "Black Dawn".
  2. The pre-Alpha release. Quote DA "It will be the old development pre-alpha so it would be missing a lot of things, however you could have something to play on." This version featured the first version of the Rapier, the FFG Orion, the Hopeful and their equipment. It also featured the basics for a sol system. Date of release: March 16 2008 First public release.
  3. Version This version offered players the ability to travel to the New York system where the FL:BD ships so far could be tested against the standard freelancer ships. In general, the ships proved themselves far superior. For a bit more balance, some players used the standard Freelancer equipment. Date of release: May 8 2008. Second public release.
  4. Version Codenamed sprinkles. Places the haloverse in sirius again, but this team actually for Green vs Gold. Systems have been divided and both teams have a single shipyard and start in new york.