UNSCS Jericho
Production information
Product line


Technical specifications
Slipspace Drive

Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Drive


Titanium-A battleplate with ablative armor reinforcement

  • 1x RSR/RX-77 "Apocalypse" Magnetic Accelerator Cannon
  • 6x RSMF/LE-126B "Light Archer" Chemical Missile
  • 2x M-17A "Typhoon" Magnetic Linear Accelerator Point Defence Cannon
Year introduced



Human-Covenant War




The UNSCSJericho is a UNSC ......... It is a newly constucted vessel undergoing crew assignments and shakedown operations.

History Edit

The ..... to be introduced to the United Nations Space Command Force, Jericho was launched at ........ shipyards in late 2524 for the loading of crew and supplies. It was commissioned in early 2525 and is awaiting assignment into a squadron.

Crew Edit

Jericho Command Crew Edit

  • Lieutenant Commander Michael "Mustang" Kardde -- Ship Captain
  • Yet to be assigned -- Military AI
  • Yet to be assigned -- Second-in-Command
  • Yet to be assigned -- Communications Officer
  • Yet to be assigned -- Weapons Officer
  • Yet to be assigned -- Operations Officer
  • Yet to be assigned -- Navigation Officer
  • Yet to be assigned-- Chief Engineer

Individual Naval Personnel Edit

Assignments in progress

Individual Marines and ODSTs Edit

Units Edit

Ground ForcesEdit
  • 267th ODST Regiment
  • 674th Infantry Regiment
    • Romeo Company
      • Combat Teams Alpha through Delta

Others Edit