United Nations Space CommandEdit

The United Nations Space Command is the major ruling body of all of humanity, having sprung from the United Nations organisation, circa 21st century. The UNSC is responsible for protecting, feeding and exploring all UN controlled worlds and colonies.

The UNSC is sub-divided into four major 'arms', each with their own particular mission to carry out.

United Nations Space Command NavyEdit

The United Nations Space Command Navy is the regular military arm of the UNSC. Almost all of humanity's warships are grouped under the banner of the UNSCSN, and they are responsible for defending the colonies and people of the United Nations.

High CommandEdit

High Command, or HIGHCOM, is the commanding body of the entire UNSC Navy, and to a small extent of the other branches of the UN Armed Forces. HIGHCOM is made up of a small group of admiral's of varying ranks, plus the leaders of the Office of Naval Intelligence, Naval Special Warfare and the Department of Commercial Shipping.

Office of Naval IntelligenceEdit

Any military body has to have a super secretive, dangerous intelligence organisation and the United Nations is no different. The Office of Naval Intelligence is tasked with gathering information on hostile groups, targets, installations and even, on rare occasions, someone within the UN itself. ONI also has the power to act autonomously on its information if the need arises, or the situation is deemed 'at risk' of escalating beyond a safe level. The overall command and control of ONI lies with the Director, who has a position in HIGHCOM. However, despite the fact that the Office of Naval Intelligence comes under the general jurisdiction of High Command, it maintains a fairly high level of autonomy.

Naval Special WarfareEdit

Naval Special Warfare, or NavSpecWar, is the special operations branch of the UN Navy, and is called in to deal with special circumstances arising in space warfare. NSW has garnered a reputation to shoot first and ask questions later, but their crew and commanders are highly trained to deal with unusual circumstances arising in space naval warfare.

Department of Commercial ShippingEdit

The Department of Commercial Shipping is the true backbone of the United Nations. Without the massive freighters of the DoCS shipping supplies, metal, ship components, indeed anything and everything, to the colonies of the UN, then humanity's fledgling interstellar empire would simply cease to exist. The DoCS is the engine that drives the United Nations, and without it the UN would collapse overnight.