Due to the nature of the mod's development, much of this is not yet confirmed and subject to change

United Nations Space Command craftEdit

Freighters- These craft will be the lifeblood of any faction, bringing supplies and munitions to outposts or warships.

Warships- These are the main ships of any faction, the first line of defense and critical for any offensive action.

  • Darnell-class scout frigate (FFS)
  • Judgment-class frigate (FF)
  • Aegis-class escort frigate (FFE)
  • Barracuda-class missile guided frigate (FFG)
  • Orca-class destroyer (DD)
  • Indomitable-class heavy destroyer (DDH)
  • Swordfish-class guided missile destroyer (DDG)
  • Bursa-class fast attack destroyer (DDF)
  • Panther-class stealth/scout destroyer (DDS)
  • Halcyon-class Light Cruiser (CL)
  • Lightning-class new light cruiser (NCL)

Capital Ships-These are the massive, heavy hitters of a faction. Their deployment tends to be limited due to the expense of manufacturing and upkeep for these behemoths.

  • Thermopylae-class heavy cruiser (CA)
  • Sparta-class guided missile cruiser (CG)
  • Marathon-class battlecruiser (CB)
  • Tycho-class command cruiser (CC)
  • Courage-class carrier (CV)
  • Virtue-class attack carrier (CVA)
  • Valiant-class fleet carrier (CVF)

Covenant CraftEdit


  • Altar-class frigate (FF)
  • Pantheon-class battle frigate (FFB)
  • Kenosis-class destroyer (DD)
  • Disciple-class heavy destroyer (DDH)
  • Deacon-class light cruiser (CL)
  • Providence-class scout light cruiser (CLS)

Capital Ships

  • Inerrant-class light battlecruiser (CBL)
  • Consecration-class heavy cruiser (CA)
  • Compunction-class fast attack heavy cruiser (CAF)
  • Isogesis-class command cruiser (CC)
  • Spirit-class battlecruiser (CB)
  • Sanctification-class carrier (CV)
  • Pristine Warrior-class assault carrier (CVA)
  • Reverence-class dreadnaught (DN)