The "Apocalypse" Magnetic Accelerator Cannon (MAC) is the main cannon in UNSC warfare in space. It fires a tungsten shell of several hundred tons, which is accelerated to vast speeds with magnets. This weapon is powerful enough to instantly collapse Covenant shields and breach the hull of basically all ships in one shot.

Craft that mount this weaponEdit

   * Darnell-class scout frigate (FFS)
   * Judgment-class frigate (FF)
   * Aegis-class escort frigate (FFE)
   * Barracuda-class missile guided frigate (FFG)
   * Orca-class destroyer (DD)
   * Indomitable-class heavy destroyer (DDH)
   * Swordfish-class guided missile destroyer (DDG)
   * Bursa-class fast attack destroyer (DDF)
   * Panther-class stealth/scout destroyer (DDS)
   * Halcyon-class light cruiser (CL)
   * Lightning-class new light cruiser (NCL) 
   * Thermopylae-class heavy cruiser (CA)
   * Sparta-class guided missile cruiser (CG)
   * Marathon-class battlecruiser (CB)
   * Tycho-class command cruiser (CC)
   * Courage-class carrier (CV)
   * Valiant-class fleet carrier (CVF)


RSR/RXT-78A "Apocalypse" Triple Fire Magnetic Accelerator Cannon This is a special model of MAC gun that utelizes special capacitors and a special fragmentation shell to fire three shots in quick succession. The idea is that the first two shots will take out shields, and the final will cripple or destroy the target. To date, it has only been deployed on one class of ship
Craft that mount this weapon

RSR/RXO-79B "Armageddon" Super Magnetic Accelerator Cannon This is a MAC gun scaled up to massive proportions. To date, this weapon is only fielded in large, orbital defense platforms, as the power needed by these guns is too much for a average ship's reactor to supply.