The NOVA bomb, is the last resort weapon of the UNSC, as it's massive damage and range, destroy everything in a 50,000km radius with enough damage potential to destroy the crust of a planet. Costing 1.3 billion credits to develop and make, it is then sent into battle via a specially designed vessel.The NOVA Bomb is a cluster of nine fusion warheads encased in lithium triteride. When the warheads are activated, the lithium triteride shell focuses the blast upon itself, multiplying the destructive power a hundredfold. Premature destruction of the vessel would render the NOVA bomb inert, apart from wasting vast resources, the NOVA would only be used in extreme combat scenarios, where the loss of life is acceptable. So destruction of the NOVA would mean destruction of the UNSC battle group.

No NOVA weapons have ever been fired in a combat scenario, or in testing.

Craft that mount this weaponEdit

Nobel-class NOVA Barge (IX)