Supreme Commander Zana Fumamee of the Fleet Of Particular JusticeEdit

Serial Number- 260590-ZN-FOPJ
Race: Sangheili
Height: 8'4"

Zana Fumamee was borne on board the flagship of the Fleet of Contrite Purpose. He spent most of his youth on the ship, and when he became of age he joined the Navy. He joined right as the Grunt rebellion began, and was unfortunate enough to be on a ship that suffered the rebellion. As the battle raged in the cruiser's interior, sangheili began to fall one after the other under sheer weight of numbers. Realizing the ship was lost, he ordered all the remaining personnel off the ship and stayed behind long enough to ensure the ship was driven into a star, abandoning the ship himself moments before it entered the corona of the star Thuban. For his valor in combat, he was made Fleet Master of the now leaderless Fleet of Contrite Purpose. After many cycles of loyal service to the covenant, he was made Supreme Commander of the Fleet of Particular Justice when the Fleet's prior Supreme Commander was the unfortunate victim of a heretic assassination.

Being 8'4" tall, he is somewhat shorter then the average sangheili, but makes up for it with his tactical knowledge. He bears a scar on his right shoulder where he was grazed by a particle beam from a Type-50, and to this day his armor plate bares the holes. While a efficient military leader, his fleet has a reputation for being a community, and he is always willing to take time to help the soldiers under his command. For personal defense he wields his Energy Sword, and if necessary a brace of plasma pistols.