HCNS Resplendent LightEdit

Resplendent Light
Production information

Spirit-class battlecruiser


CB (battlecruiser)

Technical specifications

1,782.2 meters (5,847.1 feet)


861.7 meters (2,827.1 feet)


230.8 meters (757.2 feet)


135000 tonnes

Maximum acceleration

15.41 m/s^2+

Engine unit(s)

Standard Covenant Engine, Anti-Grav generators for in-atmosphere propulsion

Slipspace Drive

Equipped with Standard Covenant slipspace drive and one auxiliary drive

Slipspace velocity

Faster then 3.2 Light Years/Day


Holy Covenant Battleplate

  • 8x Pulse Laser
  • 5x Plasma Torpedo
  • 3x Plasma Turret
  • 1x Energy Beam Projector
  • 4x Spirit-class dropships
  • 4x Phantom-class dropships

7933 Personnel

Minimum crew

3002 Personnel

Cargo capacity

Multiple ground assault vehicles, spare parts for the FoPJ, Small arms for the FoPJ, other logistical support items


Warship, Troop Transport for the FoPJ


Human-Covenant war, Covenant prior to first contact


Holy Covenant Navy, Fleet of Particular Justice


The Flagship of Supreme Commander Zana Fumamee and the Fleet of Particular Justice, this ship has seen a good deal of combat, and is far from pristine condition. That said, regular overhauls and preventive maintenance have ensured that this ship survive as long as it has, reaching its 17th cycle this cycle. The Resplendent Light is a Spirit-class battlecruiser, built in orbit of [INSERT PURCHASE LOCATION HERE]

Due to the advance deployed nature of the Fleet of Particular Justice, this ship serves as the hub of the fleet. It acts as the primary troop transport in the fleet, as well as carrying a good deal of the fleet's logistical supplies. All orders and contact from High Command and communication from other Holy Covenant assets are routed through the Light's communications systems, as it is one of the few ships in the fleet equipped with long-range communication equipment (the others being the CAF class ships of the fleet).

Although having received a upgrade to the fire control system last overhaul that made the need for a gunnery team obsolete, like many ships in the HCN, the Resplendent Light retains it's gunnery officers (for redundancy or in the instance of weapon guidance signal jamming) , and they are some of the best in the Holy Covenant Navy. At the last navy-wide exercise, the gunners on the Resplendent Light scored the second highest amount of target points, with a score of 13923.

The ship's contingent of Infantry troops, though few in number compared to other fleets, are crack troops primarily focused on boarding actions in ship to ship combat as well as ensuring security on the flagship. The ship carries a contingent of Rangers, as well as a squad of Special Operations soldiers. In addition to these standard infantry troops, the ship also carries 2 pairs of Malekgolo.

Ship Engagement RecordEdit