The Covenant Edit

The Covenant are a collection of alien species, bound together in their religious cause. They believe that the Forerunner were not (just) a species, but gods. They believe that by activating the halos, the ultimate collection of relics their gods left behind, that they can ascend to gods themselves.

The Covenant Armada Edit

The Covenant Armada is subdivided in four main fleets.

The Fleet of Homogenous Clarity Edit

This is the main defense fleet of the Covenant. Charged with the orders to defend Covenant space, the UNSC can't even attempt to attack any Covenant station or planet without having to fight this fleet.

The Fleet of Particular Justice Edit

This is the Covenant's version of ONI. It is this fleet that finds most holy relics left behind by the Forerunner and, besides that, also supplies the Covenant with intelligence about the UNSC. Ranging from simple things as passing through shipclasses, to examining entire systems to find weak spots that the rest of the Covenant can use when they attack.

The Fleet of Furious Redemption Edit

This could be considered the opposite of the Fleet of Homogenous Clarity. Whereas the FoHC mainly deals with defence, the FoFR deals with attacking UNSC space, destroying their spacecraft, and as such deny them the operational ability to either strike back at the covenant or defend their territory.

The Fleet of Righteous Purpose Edit

This is the fleet that deals with the transportation of goods for the Covenant. This may range from supplying the vessels in the battlefield with new Boarding Craft, to trading goods between stations or planets. Without this fleet, the Covenant War Machine would effectively be rendered useless.