The Corinthian missile cruiser (CG) was commissioned as mainly an anti-fighter and anti-missile ship due to the rebels increased use of support craft and missiles to engage UNSC shipping, being equipped with three new hummingbird counter-missile pods and a large amount of archers, of which both variants can be equipped the Corinthian is a great support craft, capable of dealing massive damage to fighters and stopping missiles in their tracks, however this leaves it with some rather large shortcomings, the main is the lack of a MAC cannon, meaning engagement of large targets should not be attempted unless when escorting other ships, another is the lack of Point Defense, so if any fighters do get through the missile bombardment they have a relatively easy time to disable and destroy the ship, another major design flaw is the lack of defense at the back of the ship, meaning the Corinthian has to use it's high speed and maneuverability to stay out of harms way, however even with these short comings, the Corinthian excels at support roles.